Saawariya Title Song

Saawariya Title Song

The length of this track is just 2.46 minutes to be exact, you can’t help yourself from asking for more but well thats all it got. Shail hada’s voice complimented with the soothing tunes of guitar, this song make you tune in again and again.
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Saawariya – Song, Lyrics

Saawariya.. hha hha haa, Saawariya.. hha hha haa,
Saawariya, ohhhh Saawariya

Oh dholi mein bhitake, sitrao se sajaa ke
Zaamane se churake le jaye ga
Saawariya.. hha hha haa, Saawariya.. hha hha haa,
Saawariya, ohhhh Saawariya

Ohhh dholi mein bhitake, sitrao se sajaa ke
Zaamane se churake le jaye ga
ek rooz tera udake jiya
Ohh Saawariya.. hha hha haa, ohh Saawariya.. hha hha haa,
yehey Saawariya, ohhhh Saawariya

udley he he, odley he he
uudrdr hey he he, ohhhdrdr he he

Palko ke shaamiyane mein, kwaboon ke har tikane mein
Teri hi parchaiya hai, tu tho har lamha yaadon mein hai
Teri khamosh pehali nazar ka deewana bana
Saawariya.. hha hha haa, Saawariya.. hha hha haa,
Saawariya, ohhhh Saawariya

Oh dholi mein bhitake, sitrao se sajaa ke
Zaamane se churake le jaye ga
Saawariya..(I wanna be your date tonight) hha hha haa,
Saawariya.. (You wanna be my princess of night) o hha hha haa,
Saawariya, (I wanna love you my love at first sight, will you be my date tonight) ohhhh Saawariya

Source: Indicine

38 thoughts on “Saawariya Title Song”

  1. hey i just love all the songs…. i am also impressed by your looks…. something is just pulling me towards you your movie and your songs…. plz do reply me Ranby if it is you who is gonna read this

  2. I have already become a big big fan of Ranbir. I am from the Kingdom of Bahrain. I wish I can meet him and get his autograph sometime.

  3. i m a fan of ur dad ranbeer,now i m looking forward to ur movie.i m impressed with the trailers of the movie.please reply.currently i m in USA.

  4. i like u so much and my friend also like you
    are so so so SWEET i really like you
    plzā€¦ reply me
    sorry for mistake
    but i like you

  5. hi! ranbir can you just once talk to me or reply my mail
    i am your great crazy fan iam dying to talk to you
    your film will be a super hit
    100% sure

  6. Hi Ranbir,

    I am an ardent Raj Kapoor fan…I mean he was a REAL Film maker…

    Actually, everyone says about starkids that he or she is a star child and doesnt have anything on his own…. but truthfully, I think you prove it that some one coming from a legacy like that has it all… the way you have acted is not of a new comer… you have it in you absolutely. You actually own it – the skill and talent.
    Please make good choices of movies for your career….

    I dont watch actors I feel dont know acting, but I am way too pleased seeing you. Congrats to you.


  7. hi,
    i’m not ur fan, neither i’ve saw ur movie, u must be thinking then why i’m sending this message to u.
    coz,the innocense refrlefct on ur face. i liked ur face .

  8. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Ranbir. I luv u. I wanna meet u soon. I am ur biggest fan ever. u and deepika didi r the best jodi ever. bhaiya, kya main aapse or deepika didi se milun. Agar milen tho main bahut khush houngi aur main mere sabhi friends ko aapka fan bana doongi.

  9. hello!!!
    ye jo deepika and ranbir ki love chal raha hai na ye sab bakwas hai 2 -3 monthes sath sone ke bad sab bhool jayenge ye star log .. deepika tho karnatak ki hai i know about karnataka girls sab bhooke sher hai jo bhi naya smart ladke miletho fasa lethi hai man bharne ke baad bhool jate hai paile yuvraj now ranbir iske baad koun hai dekna hai shayed mai actror hota tho mujhe bhi milta ek change .. hahaha ye love love ka drama karne ke liye — wanna say anythink to me contacte me …… ranbir n deepika ke fans dont be angy jo hai oo kaha hai mai ne bye – bye

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  11. HI RANBIR!!!!!!!! Im from sri lanka……and ur soooooooooooo cuuuuuuuteeeeee……….im ur biggest fan!!!!!!!!! and i realized im nt the only 1!!!!!!!!!!!! kp acting nd ill keep watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur so hott!!!!!!!! mind replying??????????????? PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEE?????????????????? bye!!

  12. i misssssssss rk alot plz rk back soon i realy miss you..i also miss my best friend nashin i dont know why she is not be online i want chat with her she is my life my siter my besssssssssssssst friend i realy love u nashu plz back i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve u alot if u love me then came online u and rk are very spicial for me and u both back i miss both of u alot plz back…13 minutes ago

  13. Hi Ranbir !!!!
    I was very happy when the clip of this song. You have an amazing talent and conveys a great light. I am Brazilian and know India in 2007, made an artistic presentation in Ashara of Sai Baba in Puthaparthi. It would be awesome one day to carry out a dance with you. I wish you every success in the world! Hug

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